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Silent Gavel

She worked tirelessly in the middle of courtroom drama. But now she’s the one about to be sentenced.

Lauren Besoner figured it was time to stop running from her past. So leaving a broken marriage and a string of bad dates to return to Wyoming and take a steady court stenographer’s job seemed like a good place to start. But her stability shatters when she swings by to pick up the judge one morning… only to find her murdered in her own home.

Shaken after calling in the cops and answering routine questions, Lauren is stunned to learn she’s the number-one suspect. And with a suspicious connection between the dead judge and Lauren’s cheating ex-husband, she has no choice but to jump on the case and pronounce herself innocent.

Can Lauren track down the killer before she types her last words?

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Shadow of Doubt

It’s her job to report every word of a trial, not prove a man’s innocence.

Stenographer Lauren Besoner is desperate for money, desperate enough to agree to work for her ex-husband, the newly appointed judge.

As she reports the biggest murder trial Crawford, Wyoming has seen in years, Lauren’s instincts tell her the wrong person is on trial. She has a choice – continue doing the job she was hired to do or make sure justice is carried out.

Going against her better judgment, she begins the impossible – the search for what really happened that terrible night. And when a second murder occurs, she realizes there’s more at play than what’s going on in the courtroom.

Lauren’s quest for answers takes her down a startling and unexpected path – exposing secrets from her past, secrets she wished had stayed buried.

Will Lauren’s search for the truth root out the real killer? Or has he been sitting a few feet away from her the whole time?

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